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 Take control of your own health with a range of medical and lifestyle tests.

I offer a range of clinical laboratory tests designed to provide information about a client's health. In addition to a number of food intolerance finger prick blood tests, I provide access to urine, saliva, stool and breath tests which provide information on hormones, nutrient levels, bowel flora, digestion and many other physiological measures. Tests include food allergy/intolerances, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), thyroid, cortisol and other hormone tests, and various stool

parameters such as bacterial flora, parasites, inflammation and digestion/absorption.


Find more information on some of the tests available at the links below.


Regenerus breath tests for SIBO

(small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)


Genova Diagnostics for stool tests, hormones,

cardiovascular screening and nutrient levels


Medichecks for a wide range of health profile tests


Lorisian for food intolerance tests, diabetes

and homocysteine finger prick blood tests.

regenerus.com/page/breath-trackers medichecks.co.uk www.gdx.net/uk/tests/alphabetical lorisian.com/